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Audition Contemporary Performance Group

Performances @ Kumulus Theatre, MuseumNight & Kumulus Dance Festival

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16+ en volwassenen
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Sunday, 8th of december you can audition to take part in the CONTEMPORARY PERFORMANCE GROUP by Yvette Van Der Slik. After the audition you will be informed whether you can participate in further rehearsals and performances

In this modern dance performance group we work on a group choreography based on a theme. This short nine-week course is for intermediate and advanced dancers (16+). The audition is on December 8th and the first performance will be on March 7th! The creation process is led by Yvette van der Slik.

The program consists of:

1. Exercises to stimulate creativity including dance improvisation, contact improvisation and meditation.

2. Exploration and deepening of the theme.

3. Creating and sharing your own dance material and research.

4. Learning dance phrases.

5. Bringing together the created material into a choreography.



Time 11.00h-16.00h

Saturday Januari 18th

Sunday Januari 19th

Sunday Januari 26th

Sunday Februari 2th

Sunday Februari 9th

Sat. 15th en Sun. Febr. 16th

Fri. Febr. 28th, Sat. Febr 29th, Sun. March first

Friday March 6th 19.00h-22.00h


March 7th Performance Group Première

April 17th Museumnacht

May 16th Kumulus Dansfestival


ABOUT Yvette van der Slik

Teacher, choreographer and dance-coach living in Maastricht, Yvette has been teaching Contemporary dance, Improvisation and Performanceskills over 15 years. Trained as a Contemporary dancer in Amsterdam AHK. Currently teaching at Kumulus, Toneelacademie Maastricht and Moderne Dans Maastricht. Choreographing the last 15 years at Opleiding Dans Maastricht, Kumulus Performancegroup and Moderne Dans Maastricht.Yvette is also a Category 1 Mindfulness trainer and has been practicing Aikido for over 18 years, a training that she integrates into her dance.


Semi Advanced / advanced