Meet - Greet - Sing

dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Dutch is a hard laguage to learn. However, recent studies have shown that you can learn a language faster bij singing songs in that language.
Therefore, Rotary Maastricht Oost is organising a monthly sing along. This Meet – Greet – Sing evening is meant for everyone who does nog speak Dutch yet or who wants to speak Dutch better.

International  newcomers and migrants to Maastricht (e.g. expatriates, statusholders, refugees) young or old, everyone (regardless of nationality) is welcome. Together  with members of the Rotary clubs in Maastricht and others who have Dutch as their native tongue, you will sing Dutch songs in a relaxed atmosphere.
During our Meet – Greet – Sing evening we will get help from two professionals, Paul Heijnen (piano) and Patrice van Ramshorst (singer).
During and after the sing along there is plenty of time to meet with and talk to other people.
Important: you don’t have be able to sing! Just come and join us!!!
Date:  Every last Tuesday of the month (First edition the 30th of May).
Time: 19.00 – 20.30 
Location: Kumulus St. Maartenspoort 2, Maastricht
NO entry fee, NO registration