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Kumulus is the place to be for amateur artists in Maastricht and the surrounding area. 

It's Wintertime

In these dark days just before Christmas, we want to brighten up the days of our students with something special.

Especially because we missed seeing you this past year and as we want to stay in touch during the Christmas holiday.

Download our Winter Edition in English on this page. This issue is filled with tips, games, and other entertaining things that you can do together with family and friends in a corona-proof way during the Christmas holiday.

See you in 2021!

Team Kumulus

Art education for everyone

The five art schools of Kumulus provide creative education in music, visual arts, dance and theatre. Every school offers a wide range of high quality courses you can choose from, always taught by experienced and professional teachers who also know their craft inside out.

The music, visual arts and dance schools welcome non-Dutch speakers, with art itself being the language spoken and the instructors possessing a high level of English. In our theatre lessons we ask for a C1 level of Dutch, as the courses are reliant on reading, writing and gaining instructions in Dutch.

Kumulus has about 2,500 students attending long and short courses as well as workshops and day sessions. Students are regularly given the opportunity to show their work or demonstrate their talent. 

Getting started


You can register for your chosen course or workshop via this website. Just ask a friend, colleague or neighbour to help you out, you might even learn some new Dutch words! If you are not a current Kumulus student, you will be asked to create a new account. The My Kumulus application will guide you through the registration process (in Dutch).

Upon choosing a course, you will be able to see whether there are places available and if so you can progress with your registration. If the course is full (vol) you have two options: you ask to be placed on the waiting list, or by completing your details we can advise you on a suitable alternative to your first choice.

If you have any questions regarding the registration, please contact +31 (0)43 350 5600. Our customer service will be happy to help.

Prices and discounts

Our rates are subsidised by Maastricht Council. Prices for lessons that take place in a classroom setting are based on the number of participants per course. Some courses are more expensive due to the materials used during the lessons. When following music lessons, the prices for individual lessons are calculated on the duration of the lesson. When joining a group music lessons you will notice that they are reduced in price.

Students up to 25 years of age receive a discount of 25%. This way we can encourage the young people of Maastricht and the surrounding area to get involved in arts and culture. For those who have a tighter budget, subsidies can be requested via Jeugdcultuurfonds or through your local council. Check with your local council for more information and eligibility.


Kumulus Music / Dance
Sint Maartenspoort 2
6221 BA  Maastricht
T: +31 (0)43 350 5600

Kumulus Visual Arts / Theatre / Dance
Herbenusstraat 89
6221 RB  Maastricht
T: +31 (0)43 350 5600


Post address

Postbus 1992
6201 BZ Maastricht

Opening hours

Kumulus operates courses and classes in conjunction with the term times and holiday periods of primary schools in Maastricht

Christmas holiday       Sun 20 December 2020           Sun 03 January 2021
Carnaval 2021             Sun 14 Februari 2021              Sun 21 Februari 2021
Easter Monday            Mon 05 April 2021
Closed                          Mon 26 April 2021
Koningsdag                 Tue 27 April 2021
May holiday 2021        Sun 02 May 2021                      Sun 16 May 2021
Pentecost                     Mon 24 May 2021
Summerbreak 2021     Mon 26 July 2021                    Sun 29 August 2021


Dogs are not allowed in Kumulus locations, with the exception of guide dogs.

Kumulus, Centre Céramique and the Maastricht Natural History Museum operate as one organisation under the governance of Maastricht Council.



Creativity Is Intelligence Having Fun

Albert Einstein